Devin is a journalist with the mind of an entrepreneur and the heart of a poet.

A picture of Devin Kate Pope staring off into the distance, probably at her toddler who's about to fall off something.

I live in the Phoenix Metro area with my husband and two young children. When I’m not rolling my eyes and laughing at something, you can find me roasting vegetables or reading poetry.


Writing – I write for publications, blogs, businesses, covering technology, entrepreneurship, journalism, career development, parenting, and more. Have an idea for a writing project? Need copy for your website, flyers, bumper sticker, newsletter, etc.? >>> Start the process here <<<

One of my editors, Tuomas Liisanantti, Head of Marketing at Nordic Business Forum, says, “As a writer, Devin is extremely easy to work with, and I quickly felt comfortable in trusting that everything would be taken care of with great attention to detail, communication, and efficiency.”

Podcast Support – I work with busy podcasters to save them time by conducting research, summarizing episodes, and editing any copy connected with the show (and anything else you might desire!) >>> Start the process here <<<

One of my clients, Sami Honkonen, CEO of Tomorrow Labs, says, “After knowing Devin from her work with the Nordic Business Forum, I reached out to her for help editing an article and doing research for my podcast — and I’m thrilled I did! She finished projects quickly and answered all my questions. Her editing left my writing better, and her podcast research saved me time and provoked interesting questions. If you’re looking for a freelancer to help bring your endeavors to the next level, Devin is the wordsmith for you.”

Editing – Send me your heaps of words and I will spruce them up, leaving you with mistake free copy that sings. I’ve edited textbooks, resumes, essays, cover letters, posters, blog posts, articles, business cards, and am always looking for other projects to add. >>> Start the process here <<<

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